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Neurological conditions such as MS that affect the brain and spinal cord may cause spasticity in patients. Yes. Feedback. Please click the following link to attend our Virtual Patient Education Day on Saturday, November 7th: The event begins at 8:30 a.m. EST and will feature presentations from many of our wonderful MS Center faculty, staff, and other affiliates. Thanks to the wide range of clinical offerings at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, our team can refer to other departments when needed. Learn the pre-surgery tips that can help improve your recovery, including how to prepare for surgery, what to expect during recovery and how to minimize complications. Dr. Ong has a special interest in cataract surgery, corneal transplants, pterygiums, and complex anterior segment surgery. He went on to pursue his Master of Science in Physiology at Georgetown University. While there, she lived next door to the Red Sox stadium in Fenway Park! She is originally from Jackson, Mississippi. Get the care you need today. Visit the Medstar Georgetown Neurology page to learn more. Washington, DC Program Website. Our clinicians can also prescribe specialty contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, presbyopia, or keratoconus a service that is unavailable at many other ophthalmology practices. RM#e{99;O_q?|3O4'11D+I?a\P=JS[NcAY$6c2f Gainesville, VA 20155, Hours: (301) 340-1495. 2005 - 2023 WebMD LLC. Other Languages: Greek, Italian, Korean. He received his medical doctorate from Georgetown University School of Medicine, where he graduated cum laude. Mon - Fri: 8am > 5pm The neuro-ophthalmology clinic specializes in the treatment of vision loss due to neurologic diseases such as optic neuritis, multiple sclerosis, NMO and myasthenia gravis. . . I see floaters sometimes. Dr. Mohammed Abubakar is a neonatologist in Washington, DC, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals including Johns Hopkins Medicine-Sibley Memorial Hospital. With years of experience to inform thir care, MedStar Georgetown ophthalmologists offer expertise on a wide variety of conditions and treatment options. His mission has always been to alleviate suffering locally and internationally, having experienced it so profoundly in his youth. Learn 14 possible causes and how to determine the root of the issue. Sat: By Appointment Only Dr. Dunbar completed a two-year surgical fellowship, accredited by the prestigious American Society of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS). (Dont worry, she is also a Washington Nationals fan.) A thorough eye examination, including evaluation by a neuroophthalmologist, can help detect these problems. Prior to coming to Northern Virginia years ago, he completed an Advanced Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Fellowship at University of California San Diego with a unique additional four month high volume LASER Fellowship at the Gordon Weiss & Schanzlin Laser Vision Center. Click the button below to meet our current MS Center staff: Click the button below to see educational videos from our past events: Click the button below to learn how to schedule an appointment with one of our providers: Click the button below to learn more about our upcoming events: The largest center of its kind in the mid-Atlantic, the Georgetown Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center offers diagnosis and treatment of neuroimmunology disorders including multiple sclerosis (MS), neuromyelitis optica (NMO), vasculitis, myasthenia gravis, neuro-sarcoidosis, Sjogrens disease, stiff person syndrome and other paraneoplastic syndromes. Surgical removal is considered only when the cataract begins to interfere with a person's daily activities-driving, reading, watching TV and recognizing faces. Active through 2024. Find relief today. Our specialists are experts in the field and have access to cutting-edge technology. Following a three year ophthalmology residency at the Krieger Eye Institute at the Sinai Hospital of Baltimore where she served as Chief Resident, Dr. Snyder completed a fellowship in cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Vera Adanuvor is an internist in Clinton, MD, and is affiliated with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. The OWN MS program has the following goals: These talks will be available as an online resource in video and podcast formats, but will be optimally presented live and locally through our Community Outreach Seminars: We will organize monthly educational seminars for newly-diagnosed young adults with MS that will be presented in three different urban and suburban locations in and around Washington, DC. Last year we had over 350 people attend the event. Her areas of expertise include aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of eyelids (ptosis, blepharoplasty, ectropion, entropion), management of the tear drainage system, periocular lesions, eyelid reconstruction after skin cancer removal, and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Mark Abbruzzese is an infectious disease specialist in Washington, DC, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals including Johns Hopkins Medicine-Sibley Memorial Hospital. Dr. Julia Pierce is a licensed, board- certified optometrist. A variety of new lens materials and eyedropsboth prescription and over-the-counterare available, allowing most patients to wear contacts. Information current as of: 02/08/2023. Sabita Ittoop MD is a board-certified, fellowship-trainedglaucoma specialist. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital3800 Reservoir Road, NWPasquerilla Healthcare Center (PHC)Lower LevelWashington, DC 20007Phone: 202-444-4448Fax: 202-444-4978. Full access is free for physicians and medical students Program Coordinators Ms. Penelope A Helfgott, BA (202) 877-6159 Email. Experiencing pain on the right side of your chest? She has been in practice more than 20 years. Dr. Lustbader provides a variety of services from basic eye care to the most complex microsurgeries for cataracts and other disorders. She has been in practice between 1020 years. Is this a sign of a serious problem? His areas of expertise include macular degeneration, retinal vascular diseases, cataracts, and glaucoma. (Look for the Weichert Realtors Sign), Hours: Dr. Dunbar has published numerous research papers, book chapters, and lectured at ophthalmology conferences across the country. Movement for MS is a program of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Arts & Humanities Program and the Department of Neurology. 2-month rotation through MedStar Georgetown University Hospital with experience in Cornea, Pediatrics and Neuro-Ophthalmology General ophthalmology clinics include glaucoma testing, refraction, neuro-ophthalmology, and uveitis work-ups. In the welcoming and joyful environment of the dance studio, Movement for MS empowers participants to explore their movement potential in fun and creative ways while building community, collaboration, and physical confidence. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and new daughter, planning dinner parties with friends, and watching sports. Dr. David Gordon Wagner has 4 locations. This is a structured education program using health-related information to increase an individuals knowledge regarding their condition and improve their ability to perform self-management skills and tasks. This is how Dr. Jay M. Lustbader, chairman of the department of Ophthalmology, Center for Sight at MedStar Georgetown, describes his team's care. 22, 2023, Lisa Esposito and Elaine K. HowleyFeb. Our team at Eye Specialists & Surgeons of Northern Virginia are so excited that you have chosen to visit our website. Explore the safety and efficacy of Ozempic, a popular GLP-1 receptor agonist medication for weight loss. He has been in practice more than 20 years. Suite 210 Dr. James Abbott is a neurosurgeon in Clinton, MD, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals including CalvertHealth Medical Center. Dr. Anjula Agrawal is an internist in Washington, DC, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals including Johns Hopkins Medicine-Sibley Memorial Hospital. Kristen E. Dunbar, M.D. degree in Biology from Millsaps College, where she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and graduated summa cum laude. Content includes basic pathophysiology of the brain and spinal cord, basic immunology, symptomology and treatment, relapse, disease modifying therapies, as well as the disease process. General Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Periodic examination, early detection and timely treatment can help prevent blindness due to glaucoma, a condition most often caused by increased pressure in the eye that can damage the optic nerve. Location: The class combines stretching, breath work, exploration of rhythm, and seated and standing dances. MedStar Health ophthalmologists perform procedures and surgeries at convenient locations throughout the Washington, D.C.,and Maryland area. Each student will rotate among the various faculty members. We have become a leader in our community and offer some of the most innovative treatments currently available in the medical world. The MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center Ophthalmology residency program is a fully accredited, three-year program that combines top technology, expert clinicians/educators, and experience in resident education to present a challenging and rewarding training opportunity. . %PDF-1.5 Throughout her career, Dr. Ittoop has been an advocate for education. She believes in treating the whole patient, specifically using ocular health as a window to overall physical well-being. This type of lens is inserted at the time of cataract surgery and, in addition to correcting the cataract, can reduce any pre-existing astigmatism that the patient may have. With many diseases affecting the eyes, it is important to have regular eye exams to detect and treat changes early-especially. 14955 Shady Grove Rd Ste 125, Rockville, MD, 20850, Based on patient feedback. The protein found in wheat, barley and rye is often blamed for similar but unrelated symptoms. The neuro-ophthalmology clinic specializes in the treatment of vision loss due to neurologic diseases such as optic neuritis, multiple sclerosis, NMO and myasthenia gravis. She believes in treating each patient as if he or she were a member of her own family and actively engages each patient in his or her own treatment plan. What can I expect after cataract surgery? She received her B.S. Mon - Fri: 8am > 5pm Outside of work, she loves to hike, kayak, snowboard, play board games, and cook with her family and church community. He has been serving the Loudoun and Fairfax communities for years with care and compassion and now is excited to welcome you to Eye Specialists & Surgeons of Northern Virginia. Following the surgery, many patients say that they can see better than they have ever seen before. She has been in practice more than 20 years. In addition to oral anti-allergy medications, eyedrops are helpful in reducing the symptoms of allergy. The 2023-24 application timeline is outlined below: General Ophthalmology, Cataract Related, Retinal Disease. Fairfax, VA 22033 While in medical school, Dr. Snyder was elected to serve as President, Governing Council Representative, and Delegate of the Medical Student Section of the American Medical Association. Additionally, we see patients who suffer from pseudotumor cerebri (idiopathic intracranial hypertension), ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), giant cell arteritis and other rare forms of vision loss. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The program features quarterly educational dinners with MS care providers at local restaurants. The elective directs specific attention toward familiarization with diagnostic ophthalmic instrumentation and procedures. Georgetown University School of Medicine and MedStar Health look forward to hosting fourth-year visiting students for the 2023-2024 academic year. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist who completed residency training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine where she served as a chief resident. Department of Neurology. We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of spasticity a condition characterized by muscle stiffness, tightness, cramping and spasms of the upper and lower extremities that can impair independent ambulation and interfere with care giving. Please verify insurance information directly with your doctor's office as it may change frequently. Surgery to remove the cataract is the only treatment available. Hospital affiliations include Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. All rights reserved. Healthcare Associated Infections, Microbiology. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. In addition to working directly with patients, our staff works closely with each other ensuring that you receive seamless, continuous care. It's your valuable health care visit, so get answers that matter to you. Sat - Sun: Closed, Eye Specialists & Surgeons of Northern Virginia. 2 0 obj Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Hospital Medicine/Hospitalist. Dr. Mark Abbruzzese is an infectious disease specialist in Washington, DC, and is affiliated with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Washington : eC1U/ 7us232_\xo(W/lt0#D gf6=2#]H@dly1q7)m^mEJ;+XySsZzkLvLZ8+EdD b^d&xzwd-OR $ip QssUDTb7"a%*):fwoG' ] Dr. Josephson is a Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained ophthalmologist with a passion for ingenuity and advancement. In addition, we are involved in clinical trials investigating new treatments for this rare neuroimmunologic disorder. Dr. Moroux specializes in diabetic eye evaluations and treatment, medical and laser treatment of glaucoma, and advanced technology cataract surgery including femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery. Movement for MS is a dance class for people with Multiple Sclerosis, their caregivers, and loved ones. is a board-certified ophthalmologist who grew up in Maryland and attended high school at the National Cathedral School in Washington, DC. This collaborative approach extends even beyond the department of Ophthalmology. Red eyes can be due to many treatable causes, including dry eyes, allergies and blepharitis (a problem originating in the oil-producing glands of the eyelids). Although blepharitis tends to be a long-term problem, there are many treatments available that can help with the symptoms it causes, including over-the-counter eyelid cleansers as well as topical and oral medicine. Prior to this additional exclusive fellowship, he completed his Internship and Ophthalmology Residency at the prestigious Georgetown University/Washington Hospital Academic Center, Washington DC. About Find a Provider. Our ophthalmology partnership with Georgetown University School of Medicine and the MedStar Health Research Institutealso allows our team to contribute to, and benefit from, world-renowned research. Dr. Wagner graduated from the Harvard Medical School in 1987. OWN MS (Outreach for Wellness in Newly-diagnosed young adults with Multiple Sclerosis) is a program created by the Georgetown MS Center, which focuses on outreach and education for newly diagnosed MS patients. and surgical eye care Your training Your success. Floaters are actually cellular debris that people can sometimes see as specks that drift in front of their eyes. He works in Rockville, MD and 3 other locations and specializes in Ophthalmology, Optometry and Other Specialty. MedStar Health Healthcare Services Ophthalmology Ophthalmology We focus on your eye care needs at MedStar Health If you are struggling with eye or vision problems, our MedStar Health ophthalmologists and optometrists are here to help you see a healthier, happier future. 7915 Lake Manassas Drive Lustbader, Oboh-Weilke, Osborne, Summerfield, Fleischer, and Shin, MedStarGeorgetown University Hospital/ MWHC/VAMC/Inova-FFX, Spaces & Places for Advocacy & Racial-Justice Knowledge (SPARK), Cultivating Opportunity & Realizing Excellence (CORE) Leadership Program, Campaigns: Microaggressions, Biases and others, Office of Medical Student Research: Independent Scholarly Project, Professional Identity Formation: Cura Personalis Fellowship, Research Opportunities for Medical Students, Office of Student Learning and Academic Advising, Room Reservations (outside of DML) and Audio Visual Support, Sarah Stewart Student Research Lecture Series, Instructional Technology Design & Development, Policies and Procedures for Faculty & Staff, Room Reservations and Audio Visual Support, School of Medicine Financial Processes and Policies, School of Medicine Human Resources Processes. MEDSTAR WASHINGTON HOSPITAL CENTER COMPREHENSIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY AND ANTERIOR SEGMENT STACY BANG, MD 1ST Year Residents: GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Goals: To provide residents with the formal instruction and patient-care experiences that will enable them to take and interpret the results of the basic ophthalmologic examination, effect Learn more about the Georgetown University School of Medicine. degree from Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School in her home state of New Jersey. Usually, floaters are not a sign of a serious problem and don't require treatment. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. DC Meheza Adja-poroky is a family nurse practitioner in Alexandria, VA, and is affiliated with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Pediatric Ophthalmology Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair Peripheral Vascular Disease Pregnancy Preventive Cardiology Preventive Medicine Prostate Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Retina/Vitreous Surgery Retinal Disorders Rheumatoid Arthritis Rhinoplasty Robotic Surgery Shoulder Surgery Skin Cancer Sleep Disorders Sleep Disorders/Apnea Spinal Surgery Information . We also provide our services in various settings to enhance patient outcomes. "Caring, experienced, and personalized." Suite 105 Until recently, there were no good treatments available for this serious eye condition. Questions and sign-up requests may be emailed to Morgan Kulesza at She remains actively involved in teaching the Georgetown ophthalmology residents by supervising their outpatient clinic each month. Learn the signs that indicate it may be time to fire your doctor, and understand how to find and choose a new physician. Dr. Pierce is a native of northern Virginia. She has hospital affiliations with Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Inova Fairfax Hospital, and Inova Fair Oaks Hospital. Dr. Tsion Aberra is a cardiologist in Washington, DC, and is affiliated with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. She has volunteered at the prestigious LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderbad, India and has provided eye care to remote regions of Ecuador. She is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO) and licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Please enter a valid 5-digit Zip Code. The audience was made up of patients with multiple sclerosis and their family members from the D.C., Maryland and Virginia region. We are proud of our seasoned staff and excellent clinical outcomes. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at George Washington University, where she mentors ophthalmology residents and graduate students, and a Consulting Physician for Congress, the Department of State, and Maritime Medical Access. Medstar Georgetown University Hospital 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw Washington, DC 20007. Practice locations. Dr. Wagner is affiliated with Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. Georgetown University Hospital . That is the only way to distinguish "ordinary" floaters from a more serious problem. Want to learn more? Dr Pierce is accepting new patients. In addition to her practice, she is an avid tennis player, earning a NCAA Division I scholarship, enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and two young daughters. Attendance is required in clinic, the Operating room, at Grand Rounds, and at special conferences. Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Training Program, Learn more about the Georgetown University School of Medicine, Learn more about the Ophthalmology curriculum, Learn more about MedStar Georgetown University Hospitals joint Residency program with MedStar Washington Hospital Center. 3998 Fair Ridge Dr The clinics multidisciplinary team-based approach includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and neurosurgery. Dr. Amal Abu-Ghosh is a pediatric hematologist-oncologist in Washington, DC, and is affiliated with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. She has been in practice more than 20 years. He carries with him a zeal for teaching and is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology with the Georgetown University Residency program where he devotes time quarterly to train beginner surgeons the subtleties needed to master surgical technique. She loves contact lenses and enjoys fitting soft lens, rigid lenses, and specially scleral lenses in order to help patients reach their visual potential. Our Program: 18 Residents, 6 PGY1 Interns 3 Retina Fellows Over 175 Dedicated Faculty in All . MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Washington, DC #3 in Washington.

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